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Reducing product damage with flair for Gymkhana Fine Foods

Bespoke food packaging boxes 

Gymkhana Fine Foods is a new range of cooking products from the Two Michelin star Gymkhana restaurant in Mayfair London. Gymkhana Fine Foods launched last year with a range of its famous cooking sauces, marinades, and chutneys which are all-natural, preservative-free, leveraging the same recipes and cooking methods as the restaurant.

They pride themselves on only using the finest, freshest ingredients in their recipes, crafting a wide range of top-notch delights for customers to savour. Slow-cooked to perfection for hours on end, their products are bursting with flavour, packing a punch to help home cooks and wannabe chefs spend more time dining and less time in the kitchen.

When Gymkhana Fine Foods set out to ensure their delectable delights reached eager taste buds intact, they knew they needed a packaging solution as fabulous as their flavours! So, they turned to our experts at Saxon Packaging (part of the Smurfit Kappa Group) for help.

Secret sauce for successful client relationships

Gymkhana Fine Foods reached out to us with a request for two food packaging solutions, a fabulous four-pack, and an epic eight-pack, to ensure their treats arrived safe and sound at their final destinations.

While we've had the pleasure of collaborating with Gymkhana Fine Foods on previous projects, this time they sought to refresh their packaging. As we pride ourselves on supporting our customers throughout their business growth, we dived into creating the finest bespoke packaging solution for their quality food products.

Butter Masala sauce - not butterfingers

While our previously designed corrugated food packaging ticked a lot of boxes, our customer had been facing unexpected difficulties with transit damage because of courier mishandling.

So, they sought a more protective eCommerce packaging solution for their fragile glass jars of goodness - capable of withstanding every bump, jostle, and tumble in transit to ensure excellent unboxing experiences and save on the costs of returns and damage to their brand reputation.

Gymkhana food 

Image source: Gymkhana

Flexo with more flavour

This project was focused on ramping up protection, leveraging the previous food parcel box design to elevate the safeguarding of our customer’s precious glass jars during transit.

In terms of design, Gymkhana Fine Foods desired their boxes to feature double-sided, two-colour flexo-print, along with identical fittings - a separate internal die-cut fitting - with the ability to accommodate different numbers of jars to give extra versatility. While the creation of the four-pack was relatively straightforward, for the eight-pack, our packaging design gurus came up with a clever workaround and adapted the same fitting to allow products to stack on top of one another.

Food packaging box with dividers 

The premium look of the food delivery box is an integral part of Gymkhana Fine Foods’ brand image, aiming to instil a sense of luxury and quality in their customers. At every stage of the creative journey, we were on a mission to craft the packaging to seamlessly align with the brand's image.

The premium and luxurious looking packaging does their beautifully labelled jars justice, making every delivery feel like a special occasion!

Bundles of benefits for the brand

Using the same fitting for the four-pack and the eight-pack keeps things simple for the business and cuts the cost of additional components needed. The fittings are designed to house both 200ml and 300ml jars, seamlessly integrating them into the box based on their customer's chosen bundles.

Food shipping box with lid 

This flexibility makes the box extremely versatile, capable of accommodating a wide array of orders. These fittings aren’t just a game-changer, they’re also a time-saver, improving the packing and filling process for the business, boosting efficiency, and speeding up operations behind the scenes.

Flat food packaging box 

The double-sided, two-colour printed packaging exudes an impressive aesthetic, showcasing the very essence of the brand in every bold stroke and brilliant hue.

With outstanding coverage, the entire box serves as a vibrant testament to the brand's identity. While applying a flood coating on both sides can present challenges, our skilled operators in the production team achieved a clean print finish and executed the print with flair and flavour!

David Furze, Operations Manager from Gymkhana said: “It has been great for Smurfit Kappa to help design and execute our packaging. We want all aspects of the brand to stand up to the 2-star quality and Smurfit Kappa have embraced this, understood our focus and put the same energy into this project.”

Recipe for success

We’ve added value to our customer’s products by creating a packaging solution that truly delivers. It’s not enough to have an almost perfect packaging solution, so we were more than happy to get to work and make improvements to eliminate courier damage.

Bespoke food delivery boxes 

By revamping the packaging structure, we've effectively reduced the risk of product damage en route to eager consumers, making sure to deliver the best unboxing experience. Gymkhana Fine Foods was delighted with the structural performance of the new packaging design, which has helped them to achieve their goals of packaging both sizes of their fragile glass jars seamlessly.

Sam Ball from Saxon Packaging reflects: “Gymkhana are a fantastic company to work with and have been extremely helping along the way. Their product is amazing, and for Saxon to be part of their journey I couldn’t be prouder. Gulrez, David and Tom are amazing people and we look forward to seeing the relationship grow.”

Of course, as is often the case with an ongoing packaging partnership, we’re continuing to work with the brand to refine the print contrast further and continually take their packaging to the next level.

If you’re in need of fine food packaging for your business, get in touch today!

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