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Unlocking the power of custom packaging for your business growth

Custom cardboard boxes 

From soft drinks to beer and fizz, luxury gifts to tasty snacks that’ll have your taste buds dancing, finding the perfect packaging is important. It’s not just about delivering a product from A to B; it’s about delivering a customer experience that screams “wow”! Imagine your goodies snugly nestled in vibrant, eye-catching boxes that not only protect them on their journey, but also make your brand stand out in a sea of mundane packages.

With the world scrolling through social media for shopping inspo and 87% of people using these platforms when making a shopping decision (Modern Retail), standing out is key, and wow-factor custom packaging is an excellent way to make sure your brand catches eyes and turns heads.

You won’t be short of packaging boxes to choose from – the options are endless! Though standard boxes are reliable and certainly have their place, custom creations are where the real magic happens. They can help (1) boost sales, (2) reduce product damage and (3) provide an unmatched and memorable unboxing experience for customers. For a brand that’s trying to stand out, grow and engage with customers, custom boxes can take things to the next level.

At Saxon Packaging (part of the Smurfit Kappa Group), we’re using our over three decades of experience to unlock the power of custom packaging and we want to share this with you!

Below are some of the impossible-to-ignore reasons why custom packaging is so powerful for your business growth.

Customised packaging has an undeniable impact

One of the key benefits of custom boxes is the ability to tailor dimensions to fit the product, which minimises excess space and makes for a snug fit, keeping products protected during shipping. Think of it as a tailored outfit for your products. Not only does this save you money by reducing damages, returns and material usage, but it also ensures your brand shines bright with every delivery.

You can also choose the appropriate thickness and strength of the cardboard, ensuring it’s durable enough to protect your items, and this can be altered depending on how fragile goods are. The ability to add features such as inserts, dividers, and cushioning makes custom cardboard boxes even better at protecting products.

Bespoke packaging 

This also leads to improved brand reputation, as customers realise that the packaging is something they can rely on – it’s a promise of quality from your brand.

Lean into the packaging possibilities

When it comes to design, you’re not just limited to the basics; you can let your creativity run wild! You can experiment with shapes, sizes and structural features, all of which help create packaging that aligns with the products themselves or your wider brand aesthetics.

The importance of packaging in the unboxing experience is undeniable, with nearly half of UK shoppers thinking so (Internet Retailing), and over 25 billion views of videos on YouTube that have ‘unboxing’ in the title.

Horseshoe gin gift packaging box 2023 

Take the gift packaging we created for Horseshoe Gin - it has a unique cut-out, adding a sense of fun to the box.

Whether it's a unique box shape that fits the product inside or a creative structural design, you can experiment and make sure your products are dressed to impress.

Features such as easy openings, easy-to-return tapes and unique design elements can transform the unboxing experience while making the packaging design more inclusive. Corrugated cardboard packaging utilising elements such as these means your packaging is not just pretty, it’s practical too, making sure everyone can join in the fun. It’s an effective way of conveying a professional brand image based on providing packaging that works for all customers.

Packaging that gives all the feels

Custom cardboard boxes also allow your business to jazz up your packaging game and integrate various branding elements - such as logos, taglines and graphics – helping to boost brand identity and make a lasting impression as it shines on shelves or arrives on customers' doorsteps, adding to their overall experience with your brand.

Choosing the perfect combination of colours, patterns and finishes that match your brand identity is a key part of establishing a cohesive and visually appealing custom printed packaging solution. Consistency is the name of the game, creating a recognisable and memorable brand presence that customers can easily identify and connect with. Packaging that reflects the brand's identity reinforces brand recognition and loyalty, making sure your customers keep coming back for more!

Custom packaging adds a splash of fun to the mix with the magic of print. There are various print options to choose from, such as flexo, litho and digital, as well as an extensive range of additional finishes; spot UV, foil and embossing to mention a few. As our infographic shows, all of these various techniques enhance packaging differently, but each useful to drive that all-important customer experience with your brand. For example, embossing and debossing add a tactile element to packaging, and foil stamping evokes a feeling of luxury.

Premium whisky packaging 

Take a look at the eye-catching gift packaging created for Canmore Whisky, utilising matt film laminate, spot gloss UV and foil-blocking here.

Waste not want not

Sustainability is no longer a buzz-word, it is now an expectation of consumers. With a staggering 75% of shoppers prioritising green or sustainable products (Deloitte Global), and over half of the 10 million Gen Z online shoppers being influenced by packaging sustainability (Modern Retail), it’s clear that businesses must up their game. By prioritising eco-friendly practices and opting for recycled or recyclable cardboard boxes, brands can make a bold statement in the fight against waste.

Packaging frustrations street interviews

Custom cardboard boxes, tailored to fit your products perfectly, not only reduce material waste but also play a part in fewer trucks on the road thanks to better stacking and more packs per pallet. Therefore, contributing to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Plus, with kerbside recyclable packaging that consumers are familiar with, and considering the high recyclability rate of cardboard, it's a win-win for both your brand and the planet. Demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility not only resonates with the hearts of eco-conscious consumers but also meets their growing expectation for brands who value the planet and sets the standard for a greener future.

Beyond the box

As cardboard box manufacturers, we take the time to get to know you and your products before creating fit-for-purpose corrugated cardboard solutions that’ll take your business to new heights. If you are unsure which design, print option or additional tactile finishes are best for your products, we are here to help guide you to ensure the best possible solution.

Get in touch with our packaging pros to discuss your cardboard packaging design needs today!