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Whisky Gift Pack for Adnams

We (Saxon Packaging) have been supplying packaging solutions to Adnams (award-winning UK brewer, hotelier and wine merchant from Southwold) for 20 years this year and during this time we have seen a big growth in the print diversity, both when it comes to print processes & finishes and also packaging styles.

Adnams is a well-established and recognised brand with a great reputation, so it is important their packaging reflects this and is easily recognisable as being an Adnams product.

Across the range of packaging solutions, we have used various different printing methods with the majority of Adnams boxes being printed using the flexographic printing method, but some (more recent & luxurious) packaging have been lithographically printed which includes their whisky trio gift pack.

Whisky Gift Pack for Adnams 

The whisky trio gift pack was not only lithographically printed (resulting in a photo quality print) but also had spot gloss UV varnish & foil blocking to really help the packaging stand out and shout luxury.

The box was structurally designed by our in house design team to perfectly fit and protect the miniature whisky bottles and due to their size the packs themselves were quite dainty with narrow areas requiring gluing so each box was individually glued by our factory expert gluers!

If you would like to know more about bespoke gift pack design or print finishes to help your packaging stand out, please do get in touch.