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Food and drink packaging trends 2023

Trends food and drink packaging 

At Saxon Packaging, we're all about cooking up fresh and exciting packaging solutions that are (almost) good enough to eat! Our goal is to help you grab the attention of your target customers and make your food and drink products stand out from the crowd, whether they're on the shelves or screens.

We know that in the food and drink industries, things can get pretty spicy. That's why we mix our gourmet expertise with a twist of creativity, stirring up packaging solutions that are as refreshing as a perfectly crafted drink and leave a lingering taste of success. We want your customers to have a delicious experience and become loyal fans of your brand.

Whether you're a big cheese in the market or a small fry just starting out, we're here to help. Nowadays, your packaging needs to do more than just seal in freshness and look delicious.

It needs to tell a sustainability story, offer personalisation options, showcase those wholesome health benefits, and dish out information that's easy to digest.

We've done our homework on the latest food and drink packaging trends, and we're here to serve you a mouth-watering round-up of what you need to know.

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Simple is best for packing the biggest punch

Packaging can pack a major punch in the food and drink industry. According to Ipsos' research, a whopping 72% of shoppers are swayed by a product's packaging. So, it's time for brands to step up their game and connect with overwhelmed and desensitised consumers with simple, powerful product communication that cuts straight to the essential selling points.

For example, as living costs rise, shoppers want to quickly find the products that fit their needs and save money, especially when it comes to food. According to Mintel, you'll soon find on-pack messaging proudly showcasing the most energy-efficient cooking methods. It's like having a cooking wizard on the package, telling you how to save energy while preparing and storing your food.

Brands that share this energy-saving advice save shoppers valuable pennies and show that they care about the environment and their customers.

Creative and custom packaging design

We all know that choosing the right products can sometimes feel like navigating a buffet line. That's why savvy shoppers seek brands serving more than just delicious treats. They want a side dish of eco-friendliness and a cocktail of unique advantages.

In a world where many products look and taste alike, storytelling is the spice that sets brands apart in 2023. Imagine opening a package and being served with a tale about the brand's journey, values, and ethos – all right there on the label. It's like a menu that lists the ingredients whilst telling you the heart-warming story behind the dish.

As economies recover in the next few years, the experts at Mintel predict we'll be craving more than just savings. Packaging can be the key ingredient that swaps out repetitive cost-saving messages for something more delectable.

Instead of harping on about the price, brands can highlight the versatility of their products or their commitment to the environment and ethics. It's like adding a pinch of flavour that leaves a lasting impression.

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Packaging boxes that are food certified

One of the lasting influences of the pandemic is a global desire for products that support healthy living. Despite higher inflation, consumers often prioritise brands that offer health benefits and natural ingredients over a lower price. They also want reassurance from trustworthy sources that brands can support their claims.

So, packaging that conveys this information is a must for gaining trust and establishing brand loyalty. Businesses need to make sure their packaging focuses on natural ingredients and key health benefits.

To keep up with this demand, food and drink packaging designers and manufacturers are stepping up their game. They're investing in new packaging technologies and developing innovative ways to ensure food safety.

Show you're eco-friendly and think sustainability

We've all seen how environmental issues have risen to the top of the agenda. So, it's no surprise that shoppers want their food and drinks wrapped in eco-friendly goodness. According to a study by Ipsos, 85% of people choose brands in line with their concerns about climate change and the environment.

Get ready for a feast of sustainable packaging options. Forget outdated plastic clamshells as sustainable packaging materials will be taking centre stage: corrugated cardboard, paperboard trays, and even bioplastic, which is made from biological sources rather than petroleum.

At Saxon Packaging, we take pride in leading the way when it comes to sustainable packaging. We believe that paper-based packaging plays an important part in tackling some of our planet's challenges.

People are looking at a company's choice of materials, how they source them, and whether their packaging is kind to our beloved planet. Our innovative products are 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable so consumers can enjoy your food guilt-free.

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Packaging gets smart

Did you know that the online food and drink shopping trend has been brewing up some serious growth? Research found that 43% of consumers turn to the Internet for groceries, compared to a mere 24% just two years ago.

Food and drink packaging designers and manufacturers have been spicing things up to keep pace with the changing times. They've started adding packaging features that bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping experiences. With smartphone gadgets and QR codes, you can have an interactive experience with what you eat and drink.

Picture this: food packages that can communicate wirelessly with your smart devices using Near-Field Communication (NFC) or smart labels. It's like your food is trying to have a conversation with your phone.

Smart packaging isn't just about making your taste buds tingle with excitement. It also serves up some benefits behind the scenes. Logistics professionals can dig into data-rich insights, helping them prevent spoilage and keep the supply chain running smoothly.

Smart packaging might sound like sci-fi, but it will give food and drink packaging manufacturers and processors a leg up in the competitive kitchen. By embracing this technology, they can offer consumers packaging solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Wrapping up your packaging for years to come

The food and drink packaging industry is evolving rapidly, and at Saxon Packaging, we're embracing fresh and innovative solutions that will leave a lasting impression.

Just like a perfectly mixed cocktail, our packaging solutions combine simplicity, storytelling, health consciousness, sustainability, and smart features to create a delectable experience.

We understand the importance of connecting with overwhelmed consumers and offering them a unique blend of functionality and charm. So, we're here to stir things up and serve you mouth-watering packaging products that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Together, let's cook up packaging that looks delicious, satisfies your hunger for success in the food industry and quenches your thirst for inspiration in the drinks market.

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