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5 ways to deal product returns using easy-return packaging boxes

Simplify The Product Returns Processes In 5 Easy Steps 

Consumers live busy lives and as such, online retail is thriving. The nature of shopping online means customers aren’t able to try before they buy.

Therefore they rely on returns to get the goods they want and need. 67% of consumers will look for your returns information page before completing their purchase. This means that retailers need to make sure their returns policy is clear, matches customer expectations and is simple to understand.

The returns process is just as important as the purchasing process for overall customer service and satisfaction. The proof is in the proverbial pudding as our research has revealed that 46% of customers will repurchase from a company and recommend it to friends and family if a parcel is easy to return.

So how can you simplify the returns process to make it clear and convenient for consumers, giving them the confidence to shop and shop again?

Retailers can simplify their returns process for customers in just 5 easy steps

  1. Clear and easy to follow returns policy page
  2. Offer free returns
  3. Include a returns label
  4. Enable customers to arrange their return without the need to email first
  5. Easy to return packaging

Why is a good returns policy important?

Many Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Purchasing Managers, NPD Managers, and Entrepreneurs, just like you, wonder how offering a free, easy returns process can help the business as a whole. It may seem counterintuitive to seemingly encourage a customer to return a product before they’ve even bought it. What you actually should consider is what it will mean for your customers and their overall experience.

  • Consumers want a convenient returns policy that is hassle-free with no return shipping cost
  • When free returns are offered, the chances of completed purchases can be increased
  • When return shipping fees are charged, consumers are less likely to make a future purchase
  • You benefit from improved customer loyalty and repeat buyers from providing easy returns
  • Customers will be delighted that they can re-use the packaging they received to return their item(s) saving them the frustrating task of finding packaging to use Easy to return packaging adds to overall customer experience

Returning an item to an online store can be tedious for consumers. Having to print return labels, find appropriate packaging and then something to seal the parcel all adds to their frustration and doesn’t give them the best experience of dealing with your company.

Easy to return packaging takes away this aggravation and replaces it with a quick and easy solution for the customer and you.

Customers also don’t need to print their own labels for returns, everything is pre-prepared and they can use the same box they received the item in. With a simple peel and reseal method, the lid of the package can be re-taped using an additional strip of adhesive located inside the box for a seamless experience.

Simplify using easy return packaging boxes

While you’re simplifying the returns process for your customer returns, we’ve simplified the process of switching to easy to return packaging. No one wants to spend more time and money designing new packaging solutions. That’s why we make it easy. Together, we can create easy to return packaging that is similar to your existing package design or re-brand entirely, the choice is yours.

Our cardboard packaging solutions offer totally stress-free returns while being sustainable, another positive for savvy consumers. We use sustainable packaging materials for our single or double-walled boxes and all of our bespoke, easy to return packaging is fully recyclable, showing your customers that you care about the planet, not pounds.

With decorative finish options including matt, gloss, soft touch, glitter, pearlescent, glow-in-the-dark, fragrance burst, textured, rough and silk varnishes and foil blocking, there are so many design options to suit any discerning business.

For more information on the many benefits our packaging solutions can provide to your business and your customers, view our easy to return packaging page or to request a quote.