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Improve Your Customer Loyalty By Using Easy To Return Packaging

Returned products are part of running an eCommerce business, and while many are apprehensive to encourage returns, it can actually be hugely beneficial to your brand.

One of the next big things in the world of eCommerce is packaging which makes it easy to return products. We live in a super-fast-paced world, and consumers are willing to pay for convenience in order to make their own lives easier.

There is a ‘right to return’ culture embedded deeply into consumers, particularly in online shopping, and people have high expectations of being able to return items without hassle.

This goes beyond a generous returns policy, and easy to return packaging is quickly becoming an expectation among consumers.

If your eCommerce store hasn’t looked at easy return options, you are at risk of being left behind the curve. Check out our top reasons why your eCommerce business should consider easy to return packaging.

1. Customers Crave Convenience

Consumer trends show that customers are choosing convenience over other important factors more often than ever. A survey by the National Retail Federation revealed that 83% feel that convenience is more important while shopping compared to just five years ago.

By incorporating easy to return functionality into your packaging, you can eliminate a lot of the problems that customers face when trying to return products.

A common issue is that although an eCommerce company may have a good returns policy and provides return shipping labels, consumers still have to find their own packaging to return the item. One study showed that 62% of customers are frustrated when they have to pay for packaging or shipping on returns.

2. Easy To Return Packaging Is Completely Hassle-Free

Many eCommerce stores want to keep their packaging solutions as simple as possible, so they can keep packing times to a minimum and maximise their supply chain.

Easy to return packaging is hassle-free for both businesses and consumers, and at Saxon Packaging we have various solutions available.

When we create packaging for eCommerce, we do so with the specific returns process in mind. Common solutions include the use of two tape strips, which allows one for the business to seal for delivery, and another for consumers to use for returns.

With this kind of easy to return packaging, customers simply need to peel back the tape, and seal the package back up. We also have a twist and return option for eCommerce packaging, which allows the customer to simply twist the lid around, where the return address is already printed on the inside.

3. Builds Trust And Improves Customer Satisfaction

Making the returns process easy for consumers can help build trustworthy relationships with your audience and result in consumers buying more. In fact, 78% of shoppers would buy more if there are free returns and brands are gaining a competitive advantage by managing returns effectively.

Customers return products for so many reasons and making the process quick and painless is essential.

Your eCommerce shop can quickly build up customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases by impressing your audiences with how easy your products are to send back.

At Saxon Packaging, we can help your eCommerce store find a cost-effective Easy To Return packaging solution. Our team can create new packaging for your products from scratch or work to convert your existing packaging into a return-friendly solution.

All our Easy To Return packaging options still look fantastic, there is no need to compromise on quality. If you are ready to make the move to easy to return packaging, get in touch today.