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4 Factors To Choose Best Drinks Packaging Supplier

How to choose a drinks packaging supplier 

Drinks packaging has always been important to beverage brands, but in today’s competitive marketplace it’s more important than ever. It’s not just about making sure the contents are delivered in the condition consumers deserve, in the age of eCommerce, it’s about great branding, encouraging customer loyalty, and providing a positive unboxing experience.

This means a reliable and experienced drinks packaging supplier is key to successful sales, especially when it comes to repeat purchases. Considering that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one, repeat purchases are the lifeblood of most brands.

So, the packaging supplier’s role is to:

  • Help drive brand awareness
  • Ensure labelling on your packaging is compliant
  • Ensure the packaging is tough enough to withstand the transit and delivery process
  • Provide positive unboxing experiences that encourage brand advocacy and nurtures brand loyalty

Tapping into established industry experience

When you choose to team up with a drinks packaging supplier for business, you are tapping into their industry experience. That’s because the supplier will already be working with a number of drinks brands in your sector. This means they know what the trends are as well as what works and what doesn’t in terms of materials, size, box structure, printing etc.

You’re not just paying for the final product but all the knowledge and experience that has led to the product in the first place.

Setting up connections with vendors

Crucially, it also means that if your packaging company supplies your products and deals with vendors directly, you don’t have to.

So your time is freed up to focus on other aspects of your business and doing the bits you like best, whether that’s inventing exciting new flavours or making sure you have enough of the drinks products that your customers want more of.

Everything you require from one supplier

Your drinks packing supplier will not only have all the materials necessary for distributing your products, they will also have the machinery, including state-of-the-art equipment like litho printers, to manufacture and enhance your packaging.

And if you want to do a big run of a promotional product at short notice or at a busy time, such as around Christmas, then you don’t have to worry about running out of material supplies for your boxes. That’s because a good packaging supplier will already have plenty of stock which they’ll have at their disposal.

And, if not, the relationships they have built up with their suppliers, will certainly help them source supplies at short notice. This reduces the amount of stock you need to store on site, saving you space and cutting costs.

What to look for in a drinks packaging supplier

Your chosen drinks packaging supplier should share your company’s values with regard to good customer service. They should also be reliable, responsive and be committed to meeting even the most demanding of delivery deadlines. You should be able to find out information on their customer service by checking feedback on their website and other rating sites.

More and more drink brands are committed to sustainability and reducing the impact of their business on the environment. If sustainability is something that both you and your customers are increasingly concerned with, choose a drinks supplier that offers sustainable and 100% recyclable drinks packaging products.

Experience in your sector and evidence of past successful drinks packaging is important, but so too is the ability to generate lots of different packaging solutions for a variety of brands i.e. not just stick to a ‘one size fits all’ design. If you’re looking for evidence of other successful drinks packaging projects, see if they have won any prizes and awards for their client work.

Cost is important too, of course, and your drinks packaging supplier should be prepared to work with you to get a high-quality solution with your budget.

Here to help

Here at Saxon Packaging, we have many years of experience in creating popular and industry-leading drinks packaging solutions. This includes our eBottle portfolio that offers a range of 10 eCommerce packaging solutions specifically designed with bottles in mind by the expert designers at Smurfit Kappa.

As part of the Smurfit Kappa Group, our clients don’t run into supply issues as Smurfit Kappa produces their own paper, where many other packaging suppliers will buy their paper leaving them vulnerable to disruption within the industry.

What’s more Smufit Kappa’s unique store visualiser, this popular way to try before you buy, gives you a real-time presentation of what your packaging would look like at the point of sale.

Get in touch to find out more.