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Unveiling the Top 5 Trends in Premium Drinks Packaging for 2024

Premium packaging trends 

There’s always something exciting happening in the world of drinks packaging, with solutions evolving through innovation in recent years. Though we may be biased - after all, we are a team passionate about all things print and packaging - it’s safe to say that the sector is already off to a flying start in 2024, with several unmissable trends emerging.

As consumers’ tastes and attitudes change, brands must find ways to stand out and make a statement. In a competitive marketplace, premium drinks packaging is a powerful way to set a brand apart on screens and shelves, delighting customers at unboxing.

Well-crafted, eye-catching, and fit-for-purpose packaging is a way to showcase personality and storytelling whilst engaging consumers and ticking all the practical points of packaging. You won’t find yourself short of inspiration in 2024, as there are a whole host of premium drinks packaging trends to elevate your brand and supercharge your sales. Your customers will thank you for it through repeat purchases, spreading the word on social media and becoming valuable brand advocates.

Strykk-ingly Good Litho Drinks Packaging 

Review by Emma from Strykk for their single bottle packaging box: “This was a great project to work on. Whilst it did have its challenges along the way, we worked through them all. The result of Strykk’s litho printed packaging is one that is really amazing and will no doubt stand out amongst competitors.”

Premium drinks packaging trends worth paying attention to

Trend 1: Brand storytelling

With many drinks brands out there, from new kids on the block to famous favourites, standing out and being memorable is key. This is where brand storytelling comes in. Instead of simply adding a logo or slogan to packaging, focus on sharing the story of the business; give consumers an insight into who you are, what you do and where you came from.

This transforms packaging from a mere container to a powerful communication tool and helps to foster an emotional connection between brand and audience. Research found that when consumers engage with brand storytelling, they undergo deeper cognitive processing and experience heightened positive emotions (Emerald Insight). Thus, making them feel positively towards the business as a whole, while also highlighting what makes your drinks different. After all, no two brands will have the same story, even if they are similar.

Premium drinks packaging, when combined with brand storytelling, can improve the consumer experience by making people feel as though they are part of the narrative. They aren’t simply buying a drink; they’re immersing themselves in everything the brand offers. Every aspect of a business’ packaging - whether that’s a hidden message on the side of a box or a carefully selected image - builds a story, giving the audience an insight into what makes the brand unique.

Horseshoe gin gift packaging box 2023 

Eye-catching designs, sustainable materials and carefully chosen colours are key when grabbing someone’s attention and creating a memorable, recognisable, and respected brand. They encourage consumers to ‘drink up’ everything you have to offer. Take Horseshoe Gin for example, with their striking packaging and unique diamond-shaped cut-out, there’s no mistaking them on the shelves.

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Trend 2: Minimalism and elegance

72% of shoppers are influenced by the look of a product’s packaging (Ipos). From the moment a product arrives, before the unboxing experience begins, customers should think and feel all the right things about your brand.

Minimalist packaging design has become more popular recently, especially among luxury drink brands. Minimalist packaging is elegant and sophisticated and paints the product in a premium light. Clean lines, muted colours and premium finishes showcase luxury, sophistication and trust within a brand. This allows the product’s quality to speak for itself, rather than being overshadowed by more complex packaging designs.

With plenty of drinks to pick from on shelves, minimalism and elegance help a design stand out as something special. Instead of simply being a way to quench a thirst, minimalism and elegance imply there’s an entire experience to be had simply by taking a sip.

Pale Fox Prosecco Oozes Luxury With Latest Gift Packaging Solution 

A great example of this minimalistic but elegant design can be seen in premium drinks packaging for Pale Fox Prosecco, which showcased an intricate design requiring high-end printing and finishes to truly encapsulate the luxury of the product inside.

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Trend 3: Interactive packaging

Technology has evolved exponentially in recent years, and the packaging industry is embracing this with arms wide open. Instead of simply packaging drinks, premium packaging can completely transform a customer’s experience with the brand.  49.6% of UK shoppers think the importance of packaging and the unboxing experience is high (Internet Retailing).

So, by combining physical packaging with digital and interactive features, brands can fully immerse customers in the unboxing experience, which really brings products to life.

Gone are the days of simply using boxes to send orders; brands now use augmented reality, hidden messages, QR codes and secret compartments to deliver an experiential opening. Instead of unboxing drinks and giving little thought to who created the product and why, interactive packaging makes customers pay attention to the entire brand experience.

QR code packaging design 

For example, using QR codes to provide exclusive content and promotions strengthens the relationship between businesses and buyers, increasing the chances of them returning.

When consumers enjoy the unboxing experience - and you’ll give yourself a good chance with interactive packaging - they’re more likely to share this with friends, family and colleagues. It’s a fantastic way to spread the word about the business and get people talking, especially if this is shared online. The shift towards virtual realms is evident, with 69% of global shoppers (53% in Europe) favouring brands in the Metaverse, and 60% (50% in Europe) showing interest in Augmented Reality (AR) shopping experiences (LinkedIn).

Interactive packaging is especially popular among Gen Z shoppers, as brands thinking outside of the box is something that younger audiences have come to expect. For Gen Z, traditional drinks packaging can fall flat and lack the fizz of premium drinks packaging.

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Trend 4: Personalisation and customisation

Today’s consumers are used to having personalised brand experiences, and premium drinks packaging enables you to offer just that. According to a recent study, 74.7% of consumers are likely to make a repeat purchase if the brand provides a personable experience (IMRG), showing just how much of an impact personalisation and customisation can have.

Personalised packaging makes customers feel valued and ‘seen’ as individuals rather than just another customer in a long line of buyers. There’s a sense of exclusivity with a personalised service, which strengthens the relationship between buyer and brand.

EL Rayo Gift Pack 

Plus, personalisation looks good on the brand. It’s saying, “Look, we care about our customers, pay attention to what we have to offer.” After all, UK consumers say they will spend 15% more with brands that personalise engagements (eCommerce Age). When someone is happy with personalised packaging, they are likely to share it with their social circles - both in real life and online.

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Trend 5: Sustainable luxury packaging

There’s been a welcome shift towards sustainability in the majority of sectors, with more and more consumers prioritising sustainability in the way in which they shop, but it’s always been an important part of drinks packaging.

Around 94% of consumers think it’s the brand’s responsibility to create with the environment in mind, and 61% don’t want to think about sustainability when shopping (Deloitte Global). Instead, they want the brand to take care of it for them. This is why there’s a growing trend of sustainable luxury packaging.

Luxury Gift Packaging For Three Spirit Drinks 1250x698 

Sustainability isn’t a USP for brands anymore; it’s something consumers expect as standard. The majority of drinks packaging is now recyclable, and it’s no longer something brands shout about in the same way as they used to. Instead, sustainable practices, products and packaging are all things that consumers expect from the brands they choose, regardless of what’s being packaged.

In 2024, we expect this to go further, with even more luxury brands embracing the benefits of sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions, and we expect them to do this without compromising on the quality and luxury of what they have to offer.

Until recently, premium drinks brands often had to choose between luxury packaging or sustainable packaging, but not both. This is quickly changing, and luxury and sustainability can now go hand in hand.

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What does the future hold for premium drinks packaging?

As these trends show, we’re in the midst of a premium drinks packaging evolution. Consumers are looking for more than basic packaging, and brands realise that premium packaging is an extension of who they are and a way to stand out and make a statement.

At Saxon Packaging, we’re here to guide you on your premium drinks packaging journey. Regardless of how unique or complex your requirements are, our specialist team can help give your packaging a boost and help it align with what consumers in 2024 expect from the brands they buy from. Contact us today to find out more.