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Pale Fox Prosecco Oozes Luxury With Latest Gift Packaging Solution

Further to the flexographic eCommerce packaging we manufactured for Pale Fox Prosecco earlier this year (read previous blog here), the Pale Fox team were back again seeking now an even more luxurious style of packaging to enter the gift market.

They required a 75cl single bottle gift packaging solution for their premium prosecco which had to be elegant, engaging and most importantly, in line with their company values & ethos of quality and sophistication.

Recognising the role that premium packaging has on consumer purchasing behaviour, they decided to take advantage (with the guidance of our business development manager Adam Futter) of the more premium lithographic print process and various luxury print finishes.

Pale Fox Prosecco Oozes Luxury With Latest Gift Packaging Solution 

The gift packs desired look and feel was achieved by printing internally and externally (double-sided) using the lithographic print process, and given further embellishments of soft touch laminate and foil blocking on both sides (which is very rare for a packaging solution of this type). “Adding a print finish onto packaging not only enriches its visual appeal but also provides a multi-sensorial customer experience,” said Adam.

The external artwork for the gift pack consists of a smooth grey canvas embodying the majority of the base layer, with neat typography placed throughout. As the artwork moves towards the lid of the box, the grey backdrop cuts into a hi-res photo quality floral print, which is also the main design for the internal artwork.

Adam explained “the focal point of this packaging design is most definitely the highly intricate gold foil blocking detail that is featured throughout. Not only is the luxury print-embellishment used in the typography and logo, but it is also used in the main illustration that acts as a centrepiece to the pack. As well as this, the addition of soft touch to both internal and the external of the packaging adds an extra dimension to the consumer experience. This was one of the nicest packaging projects I have worked on so far at Saxon Packaging”.

“We’re unbelievably happy with the result. Certainly the fox illustration that we got hot-foiled was never going to be easy task, given how fine the detailing is, but it turned out better than expected and the boxes are already getting great feedback from our customers.” – Harry Cooke, Founder of Pale Fox Prosecco.

Pale Fox Prosecco products are available to purchase via their website.

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