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Boosting efficiency for Edmunds Cocktails with time-saving cocktail packaging

Cocktail bottle packaging box 

Edmunds Cocktails is an “all flair, no fuss” brand of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. Born from the passion of two brothers and their love for mixology, their brand is all about elevating the RTD cocktail experience to new heights.

With a commitment to using only the finest spirits and liqueurs, they craft each concoction to perfection, delivering bar-quality indulgence straight to consumers’ doors. But that's not all – they’re not just about cocktails, they're about keeping it green too as they blend timeless classics with fresh, eco-friendly practices.

Picture this: the ultimate cocktail experience, right at your fingertips, wherever you go - be it at home, on holiday, at work, or even amidst the great outdoors! As Edmunds Cocktails supply everything a customer needs to produce these world-class cocktails themselves, packaging is a key part of both their fulfilment process and providing the best unboxing experiences for their consumers.

Having already crafted two stellar packaging solutions for them, here at Saxon Packaging (part of the Smurfit Kappa Group), we were on hand to kick things up a notch. With the Edmunds Cocktails team eager to push the boundaries of their RTD packaging, we were thrilled to embark on a journey of creativity, setting the stage for an unparalleled cocktail adventure unlike any other.

Edmunds Cocktails’ packaging problem

Edmunds Cocktails, already a powerhouse in the world of RTD cocktails, had nailed their previous packaging game with a sleek design for their 6 x 100ml masterpieces featuring internal divisions and a garnish tray. Despite this design working well, as their thirst for success grows, they need packaging that not only saves time and money but also fuels their unstoppable momentum, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and continue to wow their ever-expanding customer base.

Cocktail drink and bottle 

Image source: Edmunds Cocktails

We embarked on a journey of creativity, envisioning a packaging overhaul that would revolutionise the way Edmunds Cocktails operates. By starting from scratch, we aimed to future-proof their packaging strategy to grow alongside their business success.

We proposed a crash lock glue base for speedy fulfilment and quick assembly dividers for streamlined packing - a match made in packaging heaven! With these enhancements, the Edmunds Cocktails team can fulfil orders at lightning speed, effortlessly handling the surge in demand as their business grows.

Bespoke boxes designed with speed and growth in mind

At the outset, our customer faced a conundrum. They knew their current packaging was functional, but there was a nagging feeling that it could be so much more. With our solution using a crash lock base and quick assembly dividers providing efficiency and smoother operations all wrapped up in one sleek package, they decided to jump on board.

Our talented team got to work and created a custom packaging solution that showcases the prestige and classic nature of the cocktails available and prioritises product protection and the safe delivery of orders. Our planet-focused ethos mirrored Edmund Cocktails’ own - they plant a tree for each box sold - so customers can enjoy their cocktails whilst knowing they have contributed to a brilliant initiative that makes the world a greener place. Our packaging had to match that commitment to protecting the planet and driving commerce with a conscience.

Packaging box with dividers 

We worked with Edmunds Cocktails to come up with a design that was functional, making sure products were protected during their journeys throughout the supply chain whilst still being cost-effective for the business. Finding that sweet spot between functionality and cost-effectiveness can be hard. Yet, through our collaboration, we struck gold with the crash lock box and divider solution that ticked all the boxes (no pun intended).

Cocktail glass bottle packaging box 

Employing our expertise in double-sided one-colour flexo printing, we meticulously customised the packaging to perfectly embody the essence of the Edmunds Cocktails brand. The result? A masterpiece that captured the brand's spirit in every detail.

A happy customer

Packaging box for cocktail drinks 

The team at Edmunds Cocktails are delighted with the boxes, Paul Mayes at Edmunds Cocktails said: “We’re really pleased with the boxes that Saxon Packaging created for our cocktails. The team managed to design a box that’s functional, durable, and perfect for the unique products that we offer. A lot of what we package is somewhat fragile, but that was taken into account during the design process. The new boxes help us to get orders packed and on their way to our customers quickly.”

Ai-Lien Lee, Lead Designer at Saxon Packaging reflects, “One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a packaging designer is the variety of work and this particular packaging design was no exception. This design combines performance and user experience to deliver a great all-around unboxing experience. I’m delighted that Edmunds Cocktails are happy with their packaging.”

What’s more, our partnership has flourished since their first order. We are now collaborating closely to design a robust, courier-proof box tailored for accommodating 6 x 100ml glass bottles. Given the high box value, ensuring top-tier protection remains paramount throughout our creative journey. The prospect of this next project has us brimming with excitement, eager to explore new horizons and further elevate our partnership.

If you’re in need of time-saving, brand boosting RTD packaging solutions, get in touch today!

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