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How to attract customers with 'wow' factor printed packaging

Benefits of printed packaging 

In a vast ocean of popular products, your brand’s success hinges on the exhilarating challenge of finding a way to make a bold statement and stand out amongst competitors. Whether customers are looking for things to wear, touch, taste or use, they’re not short of choice. So, in a world that’s packed with products, brands need to be heard above the noise and provide, well, the whole package.

That’s why packaging is so important and why many brands are turning to ‘WOW’ factor printed packaging to catch a customer’s eye. Packaging with the ‘WOW’ factor has designs that are visually striking and eye-catching, incorporating vibrant colours, unique shapes and captivating graphics.

It’s packaging that is creative, protective and kind to the planet, while also providing a memorable and engaging unboxing experience for consumers, which will be irresistible to share on social media so your brand can be seen by millions worldwide.

Functionality will always be an important part of the design and structure of packaging, but ‘WOW’ factor printed packaging is there to take the impact of packaging to the next level.

Below, we have cast our expert eyes over some of the main benefits of choosing ‘WOW’ factor printed packaging for your business.

  1. Custom printed packaging boxes
  2. Packaging that tells (or sells) a story
  3. Clever and creative packaging
  4. Advanced packaging printing techniques
  5. Interactive packaging designs
  6. Tailored luxury packaging boxes
  7. Prioritising sustainable printing practices
  8. Conclusion

1. Custom printed packaging boxes

You can add the ‘WOW’ factor to your packaging which can hugely impact your business’s branding efforts, helping your products leap off shelves and make a statement with eye-popping custom printing.

Custom printed packaging 

The look created through custom printed packaging boxes is a vibrant reflection of your brand’s personality, and this is often the first physical touch point a consumer will have with your brand.

Remember, as it takes only between 3 to 5 seconds for a consumer to notice a product on-shelf and decide to purchase (LinkedIn), first impressions really do count.

2. Packaging that tells (or sells) a story

Consistency is key, as they say, and that is certainly the case with product packaging and brand messaging. It helps reinforce brand recognition among consumers, building trust and loyalty along the way. Each time your customers encounter your products, they're greeted with the same vibrant packaging and messaging that they've come to know and love. It's like a friendly face in a crowded room – familiar, comforting, and oh-so-reliable!

It’s possible to tell the story of your business through printed packaging by creating an engaging experience that resonates with people on a deeper level than simple, plain packaging.

By weaving your brand's unique story into your packaging design, you're not just selling a product; you're inviting customers on a thrilling adventure filled with emotion and connection. It's like adding a sprinkle of magic to each package, leaving a lasting impression that keeps them coming back for more!

This helps form an emotional connection with your customers and embeds your brand in the hearts and minds of those you value the most. This storytelling magic doesn't just stop at the doorstep. It ignites word-of-mouth recommendations, fuels social media buzz, and ensures that your brand stays top-of-mind for all the right reasons.

Customers often look for products that align with their core values. Did you know that a whopping 75% of consumers are willing to switch brands if their values clash? (Consumer Goods Technology). That's right – shoppers want products that resonate with their beliefs, and they're not afraid to seek them out.

Ugly drinks packaging 

When packaging tells a compelling story, suddenly, your product isn't just a purchase; it's a vital chapter in consumers’ own narratives and an extension of what they stand for. They feel a connection, a unique bond, with the product.

This boosts brand loyalty and encourages them to buy again. But they won’t then just buy from you; they champion your brand, spreading the word like wildfire to anyone who will listen. If they are impressed with a product, it’s likely their friends will be too.

3. Clever and creative packaging

Unleashing bursts of colour and creativity, printed packaging can transform simple products into shelf and screen showstoppers. In a sea of options, where consumers have a wide range of products and brands to choose from, printed designs can be the difference between passing it by and picking it up.

Clever and creative packaging creates a premium, luxurious and expensive feel that adds perceived value to the products within, and the use of bold colours, unique patterns, and imagery grabs customers’ attention like a magnet.

Lithographic printing 

When it comes to eye-catching designs, litho printed packaging is one of the most popular choices for jaw-dropping visuals. As our infographic shows, it’s slightly different to digital printing and flexographic printing, and is one of our favourites here at Saxon Packaging.

Lithographic printing is high-end and high-quality and works perfectly for bespoke luxury packaging. It’s an effective way of ensuring your product is showcased in all its glory.

See how litho print took Corrigan’s Original’s packaging to new heights when bringing a thrilling new product to the market here.

4. Advance packaging printing techniques

There are a whole toolbox of tricks when it comes to packaging printing techniques - such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, holographic effects and scented inks - that can take your packaging to the next level. These cardboard box printing techniques not only improve the visual appeal of the packaging, but also create an experience that dazzles the senses!

Gift packaging box 

Embossing and debossing, for example, add a tactile element to the packaging, allowing customers to physically feel intricate patterns. Foil stamping brings a touch of elegance by adding a reflection that catches the eye, as showcased in Pale Fox Prosecco’s showstopping gift packaging solution here.

As well as printing techniques, packaging materials and textures add to the overall tactile experience for customers. From the smooth elegance of matte finishes to the dazzling sheen of gloss, every texture and material tells a story of its own, adding a delightful twist to the unboxing adventure. It's not just about what's inside the package; it's about the journey that begins the moment consumers lay eyes on it!

5. Interactive packaging designs

By incorporating interactive elements into printed packaging designs, you can create unique experiences that captivate consumers' attention and leave a lasting impression.

A significant 88% of businesses are gearing up to implement interactive packaging in the future (Packaging News), which will help them to stand out for doing something different, whilst showcasing their business as one keen to go beyond the box.

Interactive packaging 

This approach not only engages customers beyond visual appeal but also elevates the unboxing experience, making it interactive, immersive and impossible to forget. With nearly half of UK shoppers declaring that packaging in unboxing videos is a major deal, it mustn’t be overlooked (Internet Retailing).

6. Tailored luxury packaging boxes

Printing personalised and limited-edition design elements on packaging is a great way to grab customers’ attention. They create a sense of exclusivity, giving someone the feeling of FOMO if they don’t snap the product up immediately.

Limited edition releases - which can be linked to special occasions, brand collaborations or promotions - add an element of scarcity and create a sense of urgency, while boosting the item’s perceived value. After all, who could resist the thrill of snagging a one-of-a-kind treasure before it's gone for good?

Packaging box design 

Plus, tailoring luxury packaging boxes to individual customers creates a unique and personal connection, making them feel valued and understood. Personalisation and limited edition printed packaging tap into a customer’s desire to be seen as unique; someone who is deserving of special treatment, a VIP shopper of sorts.

7. Prioritising sustainable printing practices

By embracing environmentally responsible materials and printing practices, you're not just appealing to a niche market – you're tapping into a whole army of environmentally savvy consumers who are hungry for green products. With 75% of consumers more likely to purchase brands that offer green or sustainable products (Deloitte), you’re not just making a statement, you’re making a smart business move.

Sustainable packaging box 

Using eco-friendly printing techniques contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of printed packaging. Sustainability isn’t just a trend – it’s now an expectation of consumers, and they are increasingly drawn to brands that showcase a commitment to reducing their impact on the planet.


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