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Boosting brand awareness with new ready-to-drink beverage packaging for Arrowtown

Arrowtown cocktail can packaging box 

Arrowtown is a forward-thinking drinks brand that produces hard seltzers in a trio of delicious flavours.

Founded by two brothers, Arrowtown started as a dream to provide a new type of ‘go to’ drink that’s refreshing and enjoyable while also being light and low in sugar, something that founders Rob and James had struggled to find on the market.

They were thirsty for change and quickly turned their attention to hard seltzer, a mix of sparkling water, fruit, and alcohol. But, producing tasty beverages alone wasn’t enough for the ambitious brothers and their team - they wanted to make a difference.

They do this by supporting wildlife conservation, a theme that’s apparent through every aspect of the business, including their packaging.

Arrowtown’s packaging problem

Arrowtown approached our team at Saxon Packaging (part of the Smurfit Kappa Group) to design a dynamic ready-to-drink (RTD) packaging solution capable of housing their trio of tantalizing 330ml cans.

Arrowtown cocktail drinks 

With distinct flavours like Red Berries, Tropical, and Lime & Elderflower, Arrowtown envisioned a bundled presentation box to enhance their product appeal. So, we crafted bespoke 3 x 330ml can packs complete with custom fittings to secure and showcase their delicious products.

Image source: Arrowtown Drinks

Packaging design for cocktail drinks

Initially, Arrowtown found themselves at a crossroads, torn between the choice of white or brown kraft packaging. After delving into the benefits and uses for each option, we helped steer them towards the crisp elegance of white kraft. When it came to designing the packaging’s structure, they were also unsure of the direction to go in.

So, we put our thinking caps on to find a solution that not only shielded their products with practical finesse, but also radiated their brand’s vibrant personality, all while captivating their target audience’s imagination and elevating their experience with the brand.

Bespoke 3x330ml can packaging 

Our collaborative efforts resulted in a sleek and impactful design boasting clear and precise print along with effective fittings and bold typography. This single-colour drinks packaging solution doesn’t just make a statement; it practically screams for attention, ensuring it stands out for all the right reasons.

And, with the use of premium inks and materials, we made sure that every inch of its minimalistic allure not only embodied the brand’s essence but also oozed quality, ensuring it’s a visual feast for the senses.

Tailored RTD packaging box

This project highlights the power of bespoke RTD packaging. Arrowtown bravely ventured into uncharted territory with their decision to embrace a tailored packaging solution, moving away from ‘bog standard’ boxes.

Our custom drinks packaging isn’t just a box; it helps Arrowtown achieve its goal of standing out in a vast sea of competitors. Online or in-store, it’s a magnet for wandering eyes, effortlessly drawing customers towards Arrowtown’s offerings. With a dash of professionalism and a sprinkle of functionality, it not only catches the eye but also proudly showcases the brand, making products instantly recognisable to consumers.

3x330ml Cocktail can packaging box 

Also, with our focus on environmentally friendly solutions that can be easily recycled, the packaging aligns with the team’s focus on minimising their impact on the planet and their work with wildlife conservation. Not only is this beneficial to the environment, but it’s also a reflection of Arrowtown’s values, showcasing to consumers that they’re not just a business; they’re a brand with a conscience.

The gift that keeps on giving

Arrowtown products are now easy to spot online and in-store. By investing in custom can packaging with nifty fittings, Arrowtown differentiates itself from other drinks companies through an enhanced and memorable unboxing experience. They create a lasting impression and boost the overall perception of their products while ensuring the cans are protected during transit.

Our partnership with Arrowtown has now developed into a great relationship, and we look forward to working with the team again in the future!

Rob from Arrowtown said: “We are incredibly happy with Saxon's support on our new samples boxes. They managed to bring our brand and ethos to life with the boxes and it has enabled us to showcase our products to both customers and trade buyers. Would always recommend them to other businesses looking to make an impact with their packaging.”

Sam from Saxon Packaging states: “We’re really proud to have been part of the journey of Arrowtown Drinks. They are an amazing company, so easy to work with and are very adaptable. Rob and James have got a great product, and we can’t wait to be part of the exciting future that lies ahead!”

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