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The Sixer Fridge Packs – Rooster’s Brewing Co.

Rooster’s Brewing Co. is a family-owned and operated independent brewery, based in Harrogate. Established in 1993, for over a quarter of a century they have achieved many awards and accolades for their beers and are still winning gold medals on the international stage, as well as closer to home.

Having supported them with their packaging needs since 2014, we (Saxon Packaging) have become adept at interpreting the designs from Rooster’s Brewing Co. and developing them into bright, functional and engaging beer packaging.

The Sixer Fridge Packs – Rooster’s Brewing Co. 

Having this experience and the existing working relationship meant that in October 2020, when Tom Fozard (Rooster’s Commercial Director) was in need for a beer packaging concept to cater for all their different lines across their product range, he reached out to us (Saxon Packaging). This concept formed a collection of packaging designs, called the ‘Sixer’ fridge packs.

The Sixers were designed to hold 6x330ml cans of each of their 5 lines (24/7, Yankee, Baby-Faced Assassin, Pilsnear & One Trick Pony) and be used for easy access and storage in the fridge.

The concept behind each of the designs is to draw up an extension to the graphic and visual elements of branding of the brewery’s look and feel, delivering functionality with the same fun and engaging ethos of the Rooster’s image. Although each artwork design is different, they all correspond with each other as a collection.

“We worked hard to develop designs that contained all the key elements and ethos of our brand and reproduce this into a new packaging concept that would be represented across the cans, the packaging and our marketing collateral” Tom Fozard, Commercial Director, Rooster’s Brewing Co.

Once the visual designs for the packaging were finalised, it was the turn of our in-house design team to develop a suitable packaging design. With a track record of delivering fit-for-purpose bespoke packaging for the brewing industry, we were able to identify the exact board grade of material required for the boxes (E180DC/120K).

Our designers were able to incorporate perforations within the designs, to create a tear away opening that allows access to the products inside. Each time a can is removed from the opening, another will move in its place.

After careful consideration, it was decided that the Digital printing process would be the most suitable for this requirement. Digital printing offers an ideal solution to produce high quality print runs economically and simplify variable data on packaging. The artwork was printed on to the coated material, which ensured the CMYK colour tones remained bright, fresh and bold. This resulted in the creation of a stand out visually engaging look and feel to the total concept.

Referring to the colourings of Rooster’s Brewing Co.’s existing branding, and after consultation with Tom, we were able to establish precision colour matching across the entire range. What resulted were 5 different packaging designs that corresponded and complimented Rooster’s website, existing branded material and merchandise, thus creating a total concept solution.

“Having supported Rooster’s Brewing Co. with their packaging requirements for over 6 years and counting, we were of course delighted to work on the development on a new beer packaging concept for their products. We are thrilled to have produced a visually engaging, functional and economical packaging concept that is consistent to the quality, brand personality and ethos that we have grown accustomed to seeing from Rooster’s.” Mike Impson, Sales Director, Saxon Packaging.

“We’ve been delighted with the interest and feedback we’ve received for the Sixers, since launching them in the run up to Christmas 2020. So much so, that we recently worked with Saxon once again to develop the Sixer XL; a 6x440ml version of the Sixer that will allow for us to further promote and develop our year-round range of tallboys, which includes Thousand Yard Stare, Better Late Than Never and Roots. Rock. Reggae.” Tom Fozard, Commercial Director, Rooster’s Brewing Co.