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Supporting Business Growth for Muntons with Quality Packaging

Muntons Beer Packaging 

Saxon Packaging has supplied Muntons with first rate packaging for its homebrew kits for over two years. Since 2019, the range of packaging solutions provided has grown substantially.
Across the range of packaging for Muntons, we have used various print processes, with most boxes printed with the flexographic printing method.

More recently, Muntons have been exploring premium packaging such as lithographically & digitally printed packaging.

“Throughout the two years that we have worked with Muntons, I have enjoyed seeing its packaging range not only grow but develop in alongside its  ever-expanding range of innovative products.” Said Stuart Haggar, Business Development Manager of Saxon Packaging.

About Muntons

Muntons was incorporated in 1921 and has its headquarters in the bucolic surroundings of Stowmarket, Suffolk, where it is the county’s largest malted products manufacture. The maltster also has further production sites in Yorkshire and Thailand, as well as sales offices in Asia, Europe, and America.

As well as homebrewing kits, Muntons produces ingredients for some of the world’s best known and loved brands in the food and drink industry, with its customers ranging from multinational food and beverage producers to craft brewers and distillers.

Muntons is passionate about malt and aim to deliver enjoyment to people’s lives by creating more of what they love, while raising the bar as a leader of sustainability within the industry.

Recent Packaging Designs

One of the most recent packaging solutions that we have produced for Muntons are the five packaging lines for their new range of Muntons Flagship craft brewing kits.

These are for the five new contemporary craft beer styles:

  • Hazy IPA
  • West Coast IPA
  • American Pale Ale
  • American Amber Ale
  • Milk Stout

Muntons Flagship Beer Packaging 


Muntons Flagship Beer Packaging 

The new Muntons Flagship products were part of a project that started almost 12 months ago, Muntons’ New Product Development teams worked with a group of 25 homebrewers, from those who are new to the hobby, through to experienced home beer makers.

The group’s passion for homebrewing determined the flavours expected, the fine-tuning of the ingredient selection and delivered this exciting variety of contemporary kits to the shelves.

With a new range of great products developed, it was time to call upon the services of Saxon Packaging to produce equally great packaging for them. Each time Muntons has a new packaging requirement, our Business Development Manager, Stuart Haggar, meets with Lauren Soanes (Procurement Category Manager for Muntons), and together they discuss the various packaging solutions available.

Muntons is a well-established brand with a great reputation, so it is important the packaging reflects this and is easily recognisable as being a Muntons product. In addition to being very attentive of what goes into their products, Muntons are equally passionate about the environment and their environmental impact, and as such, required 100% renewable and easily recyclable packaging.

After all, sustainability is a huge part of Muntons ethos and business strategy. Working closely with our in-house design team, it was determined that an FSC Mix paper of B flute corrugated board would be the most suitable for the requirements.

Each of the five packaging designs is based on a FEFCO 0471 packaging design, which is a tried and tested structural packaging style, widely used in the packaging industry. The benefits of using this structural design is that it doesn’t require gluing to keep the box secure. It also features strengthened folding sidewalls, making the packs perfect for keeping the enclosed products secure and well protected.

Varying slightly from the standard FEFCO style, this design incorporates a handle on the top lid. Including a handle (quite simply) makes the packaging easier for consumers to carry, creating a better brand experience for those interacting with the products.

Muntons with Beer Packaging box 

The Muntons Flagship packs were each printed using the digital print process. Digital printing uses a 4-colour print process (CMYK) and provides high quality print detail without the same printing plates that are required from other print processes such as flexo and litho printing. Because of this, it is possible to achieve a premium quality print while maintaining cost-effective unit costs with lower quantities of packaging.


The new packs were originally intended to be printed straight onto the Kraft corrugated board. However due to the technical printing requirements that digital printing imposes, this was not possible. In order to achieve the desired look and feel for the packaging. Muntons designers reviewed their packaging artwork and re-developed it with the inclusion of a simulated Kraft carton background integrated within their original artwork. A great solution to achieve the original intended visual effect.

Once the packs were printed, they were subsequently die-cut using our Bobst Vision Cut die-cutting machine, bundled, palletised, and delivered to Muntons HQ, ready to be filled and of course, distributed to their excited customers.

Muntons with Beer Packaging box outdoor 

Tech Specs:

  • FEFCO 0471 Variant
  • Flute – B (Corrugated)
  • Material – 200WTK/200T
  • Board Size – 1007 x 1194
  • 100% Renewable & Recyclable
  • Digitally Printed
  • Water-based Ink is 100% Biodegradable
  • FSC MIX Paper

Features & Benefits:

  • Quick & easy to assemble
  • Assembled from one sheet
  • Strengthened folding side walls
  • Closing lid with a lock
  • Integrated Handle
  • 100% bespoke, fit for purpose packaging
  • No gluing needed
  • Improves brand visibility & perception

“We want to help Muntons to continue to grow and it is great to see its homebrew category climb from strength to strength, with a brand image that is easily recognised. I’m pleased to see that our packaging solutions are supporting the team at Muntons achieve that and I look forward to providing great packaging solutions to support the business’ growth for years to come”. – Stuart Haggar, Saxon Packaging.

Lauren Soanes, Procurement Category Manager at Muntons, said: “Our strong relationship with Saxon is one built on innovation and trust and this is clear from the development and delivery of the cartons for our Muntons Flagship range. The cartons are exactly what we had hoped for and more; they embody Muntons’ sustainability values and are attractive to consumers. I look forward to continuing the development of our ideas and seeking further packaging solutions with Saxon in the future.”

If you would like to discuss your very own packaging requirement with our in-house experts, submit an enquiry form via our website or call 01502 513112.