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Sponsors Saxon Packaging Take to the Road in Adnams 10K Run

More than 800 keen fitness enthusiasts turned out for this year’s Adnams 10K Run on Sunday 20th November 2022.

Once again, Saxon Packaging was an enthusiastic sponsor of the popular event, providing branded paper bags and promotional water bottles. We’ve been developing innovative packaging solutions for the Southwold brewery for almost 25 years.

As such, we’re always keen to show our support for their community endeavours, and their annual 10K run in particular, which has become a much-anticipated event in the local Southwold and Suffolk calendar.

And no wonder; it’s a particularly scenic route which attracts runners from Suffolk, East Anglia, and beyond. Runners navigate their way around two and a half laps, beginning at The Harbour Inn and past the Common.

On the last half lap, they go up a slight incline to the finish on South Green via Queen’s Road. It’s there that they’ll collect a goody bag and enjoy a pint – or drink of their choice – at The Red Lion Pub.

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Adnams celebrates 150th anniversary

Certainly, 2022 is a year like no other for this multi-award-winning brand since it’s their 150th anniversary of producing great beers, spirits and wines.

The brewery team competed alongside locals and runners from far and wide, spurred on by the crowds who’d gathered and the promise of a coveted Adnams 10k medal. And no doubt the Adnams pint afterwards was something of an incentive too…

Sponsors Saxon Packaging Adnams 10K Run 

Cash for community projects

Money raised from the Adnams 10k event goes towards the company’s Community Trust. This is a 30-year-old charity which hands out grants to local groups and initiatives within a 25-mile radius of Southwold.

It also gives to national charities which support local residents. The Trust funds are comprised of a percentage of the brewery’s annual profits, mandated dividends, donations and legacies.

Mike Impson, Sales Director, Saxon Packaging, said: “We were keen to help Adnams celebrate their big anniversary year. After all, it’s not every business that gets to celebrate 150 years of existence.

But it’s more than that, of course. Adnams aren’t just a longstanding client of ours – who brew great beer, incidentally – but also part of our own community in Suffolk. As a local business ourselves, we firmly believe in giving back to the people who support us too.

We helped sponsor this event last year as well and will no doubt continue to do so in 2023.”