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Saxon Packaging Supports Miss Wright Publishing With Book Packaging

Although Christmas seems like a year ago, it comes around so fast and before we move on with this year, we wanted to reflect and share a story of a local business that we supported over the Christmas season.

We love working on all things packaging and also love working on community projects and spending the time helping those in need. When Miss Wright Publishing came to us for help with her latest charity venture, we couldn’t wait to get started!

The very gracious Gracie from Miss Wright Publishing Ltd donates children’s picture books to the Waveney Food Bank over the Christmas period. Having supported Gracie on a previous occasion with book packaging, we were only too keen to help once again.

We provided book wrap mailers so that Gracie and the team at Waveney Food Bank could deliver some Christmas cheer to families in need over the festive season.

Gifts For Those In Need

Gracie Wright is an award-winning author and singer-songwriter based on the beautiful Suffolk Coast. Gracie started Miss Wright Publishing Ltd, following her success with the Prince’s Trust in 2014, who funded the start of her company.

Gracie strives to use her business to bring support the local area for families that are struggling financially. Gracie also loves to work with local businesses and partnered with Saxon packaging to donate copies of her children’s books to Waveney Food Bank, in an effort to partner with local people giving back to their community.

For many families in difficult positions, these book donations could be the only presents their children will receive at Christmas.  Alongside their food donation, these families are delighted to find books for their little ones to enjoy!

Reading at a young age is so important, and something which many children in poverty-stricken families are forced to miss out on. Gracie is on a mission to help as many local families as possible with her generous donations and we’re here to help her.

During 2020, Miss Wright Publishing was unable to donate any books to Waveney Food Bank because of the Coronavirus pandemic, so this year was really important to start things back up but now expanding giving with other local authors signed by Miss Wright Publishing Ltd throughout the year.

The three local authors all chipped in together to give what they could.

The books include:

  • Silly Eric’s Countdown To Christmas, which was written by Gracie herself in 2018.
  • Freddie’s Impossible Dream, a delightful story written and illustrated by local father and son duo, Nigel and Robbie Lungenmuss-Ward.
  • That Leopard Is So Rude, a newly released book by sports commentator Steve Day.

Gracie Wright Book Wrap Mailers, Book Packaging 

Book Packaging Donated By Saxon

Due to recent changes to Royal Mail’s postal specifications, Gracie needed new packaging so she could send the books out to individuals.

She needed book packaging which would meet the requirements of Large Letter & Small Parcel dimensions from the Royal Mail, while also offering protection for the books in transit.

Our team of packaging specialists quickly got to work to design and create book wrap mailers for Miss Wright Publishing Ltd. We had already designed book packaging for one of the books in the past, so our team simply reprinted and delivered these yet again.

The other two books required new packaging designs, which we created to be completely bespoke to the perfect dimensions. Because Gracie’s main requirement was book wrap mailers which would meet specifications and fit into a standard UK letterbox, we supplied samples to ensure we had got this just right.

During the packaging design process, Gracie was in the USA and unable to physically see the samples and book wrap mailers for herself. This didn’t stop our team from getting the job done!

We worked closely with Gracie using video calls to demonstrate the samples working in action. The entire book packaging design process was completed virtually.

After the book wrap mailers were designed and signed off by Gracie, we donated 500 of each to the cause. This is exactly the kind of local charity project which Saxon Packaging loves to get involved with, and we are so pleased we have been able to help Gracie and Waveney Food Bank deliver some smiles to young children at Christmas.

“It really is great to be involved with projects like these, and even more rewarding when the project is for such a good cause. I’m speaking for the rest of us here at Saxon, in saying that we are all delighted to have provided and had the opportunity to support Gracie with this very thoughtful project.” said Granger Wittering, Marketing Executive at Saxon Packaging.

“I am always so moved in my heart by the kindness and the care of Andy, Granger and the whole team at Saxon Packing. They constantly go above and beyond to go out of their way to help solve problems of how we can get our books to families without them being damaged in shipping. Their care to detail and professional attitude, is the best of the best and so refreshing to see during a worldwide pandemic that has affected lots of businesses customer care. Not this team!! It was such a joy working together with them as a team! Can’t wait to do it again!” Gracie Wright.

Gracie Wright Book Wrap Mailers, Book Packaging 

Gracie and her team are going to carry on giving through the Spring and throughout the year. If you would like to help give the gift of reading as a donation in any manner this spring,  big or small, you can do so online here.

You can also stay up to date with Miss Wright Publishing Ltd on their Facebook Page.