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Quick Assembly Packaging Helps Hattingley Valley Packaging Rebrand

In 2016, Saxon Packaging was acquired by the Smurfit Kappa Group, a world-leading producer of paper-based packaging. Thirty years after we were founded in 1986, we’re proud of our Suffolk-based modern manufacturing facility that allows us to produce a wide range of standard and custom made cardboard packaging, boxes and other corrugated products.

By merging with the Smurfit Kappa group, our clients benefit from extensive shared knowledge and expertise, increased capacity and access to a wider pool of resources and specialist tools.

It also means we’ve been able to expand our products and services and offer a comprehensive suite of packaging solutions to our customers.

Hattingley Valley boasts some incredible packaging, both visually and practically. Their recent latest quick assembly packaging solution was made by our colleagues at Smurfit Kappa Gosport and is a unique piece of design packaging artistry.

For a company that has previously won more than 100 medals, 13 trophies, and 3 Best in Class awards for their sparkling wine, we knew that nothing less than impressive packaging would be suitable for Hattingley Valley’s sparkling wine rebrand.

Respecting the old, embracing the new

Our fellow colleagues at Smurfit Kappa Gosport were tasked with creating unique bespoke quick assembly packaging suitable for Hattingley Valley’s award-winning wines.

Collaborating since 2013, Smurfit Kappa Gosport and Hattingley Valley knew the challenge of a complete rebrand needed to go beyond simply building on previous designs.

The challenge would, instead, be to create a unique design that promoted Hattingley Valley’s elite sparkling wine, facilitating a boost in brand awareness and enticing new customers worldwide.

The design would need to capture the eyes of new customers whilst reassuring loyal customers that the heart of Hattingley Valley’s ‘unapologetically British’ brand essence remains.

Proudly premium

The challenge was set. How to design a package that could portray the excellent standard of Hattingley Valley’s Sparkling Wine worldwide? While also advertising the company’s patriotic pride.

Hattingley Valley had previously created the official Team GB Sparkling Wine, so the brand was aware of the pressure involved in creating branding that promotes a ‘best of British’ feeling.

Pressure makes diamonds – and delicious drinks

The limited-edition bottle denotes the quality of the sparkling wine within and honours the incredible British athletes by showcasing a beautiful blue and gold logo.

The company had also partnered with British Airways in 2019, helping the globally renowned British airline celebrate its 100th anniversary. So the magnitude of the occasion wasn’t lost on anyone, least of all us!

The mysterious sample

If it wasn’t for Gareth Maxwell, Commercial Director for Hattingley Valley, the packaging rebrand might have been a very different story. On a trip to Spain, he discovered a wine box with both exceptionally high standard composition and professional print.

He found himself querying whether the team at Smurfit Kappa Gosport could emulate the style and standard.

Bursting with benefits

And so our colleagues created a crash lock, quick assembly box with optimum cardboard grade. It went on to become a hugely successful drinks packaging solution.

It can be shipped to clients flat-packed, which saves space, lowers costs, and uses less packaging material which means less damage to the environment. It also reduces the strain on the workforce and removes the need for additional tape, as the quick assembly crash lock design allows boxes to shut securely without tape.

And most importantly, the sturdiness of the box means the award-winning Hattingley Valley premium sparkling wine will reach its destination safely and in one piece.

The printing particulars

Eager to promote the brand’s values and keen to work closely alongside our talented colleagues at Smurfit Kappa Gosport, the team at Hattingley Valley combined ideas to create a high-quality print containing six colours. Plus, additional varnish finish on a Kemi-Lite board type.

Quality Assembly Packaging 

The brand eventually created six unique designs, a montage of all things ‘Unapologetically British’, both promoting the elegance and playfulness of the brand. The incredible artwork immediately leaps from the shelves, boasting designs such as coats of arms, Union Jacks, and boxes wrapped in sophisticated black and gold.

High praise

Hattingley Valley was so impressed with the work that they encouraged the Smurfit Kappa team to enter the designs into all upcoming award competitions. To date, Smurfit Kappa Gosport has now worked with Hattingley Valley on more than 16 design briefs.

If you would like more information on how we can create award-winning quick assembly packaging designs for your brand, contact us.