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Hamper Boxes for James Paget Hospital

At Saxon Packaging, we always try to support our local community wherever we can. Through charitable donations or by active engagement, if there’s something that we feel that we can get involved with, we will. At the end of February, we received an email from Hayley Lambarth (owner of Annie Violet UK) for Hamper Boxes to support an initiative in aid of the nurses and healthcare workers at James Paget Hospital.

“[The staff] have had such a horrendous time of it recently in caring for our local community, Covid patients and supporting families of Covid patients. I have seen for myself how worn down by this pandemic they have become, but still, they go to work each day, saving the lives of our friends, loved ones and neighbours. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to create Happy Hampers, to give them a little lift and to make them see that they are not alone and although the clapping has all but stopped, we, their community, are thinking of them and are sending our love.” – Hayley Lambarth

Upon discovering that Hayley was finding it difficult to source large enough boxes to create the Happy Hampers. We of course wanted to help her in the way we knew best, with her very own bespoke packaging solution. Dan Peek, our Customer Services & Internal Key Account Manager and our in-house design team quickly got to work in bringing Hayley’s packaging to life.

As each of the hampers boxes would be filled with donations and subsequently cellophane and bowed, our in-house design time decided that a tray packaging solution would be the best suited for the requirement. This would allow the contents of the hamper to be on show.

Hamper Boxes for James Paget Hospital 

With only a modest quantity of only 12 hamper boxes were required, we manufactured and hand delivered 15 trays using white Kraft corrugated paper. – All ready in time to be delivered to the healthcare heroes at James Paget Hospital.

“I think I can speak on behalf of all the team here at Saxon, that this is enquiry was one that we were all delighted to have been able to support. Not only does it make a change from our day to day projects, knowing that it is for such a good cause is even more rewarding”. Dan Peek – Customer Service & Internal Key Account Manager

“In the end, I prioritised the wards that had been faced with the brunt of covid-19 admissions and also the critical care team in the hospital which had never had any recognition for the amazing work they do. The hospital nursing teams on these wards were delighted with the hampers and so touched that their local community had come together to donate and create these Happy Hampers. They brought some huge smiles to some very brave nurses and health care professionals. It was a great pleasure to deliver them to James Paget Hospital.” Hayley Lambarth – Owner of Annie Violet UK