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Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% – Low Alcohol Fridge Pack

Adnams have been brewing beer at their Southwold site for over 670 years. They are proud to run their business sustainably, with a great passion for care, to make great products and create memorable experiences for their customers.

Through their innovation and dedication, they have expanded their product offerings to include wine, spirits and other goods.

In 2018, Adnams recognised a growing demand for low-alcoholic beverages, created a product to meet these new demands based on their original popular beverage Ghost Ship, and of course needed new packaging to bring it to market. Back in 2019, we received an enquiry from Leanne Adnams, to produce a premium and convenient drinks packaging solution to suit.

The ‘Ghost Ship – 0.5% Low Alcohol’ packaging is designed to house 4x330ml cans horizontally inside the packaging. With the inclusion of perforations to tear away into an opening that allows access to the products inside. Each time a can is removed from the opening, another will move in its place.

Adnams Ghost Ship Low Alcohol Fridge Pack 

“The packaging design for the Ghost Ship 0.5% 4 x 330ml Fridge Pack really changes the way that consumers perceive a traditional four pack of beer. Customers, who would traditionally want to bring a smaller quantity of beer to a party, no longer have to carry in an underwhelming, plastic ring, four-pack of beers or struggle with individual bottles. Instead, they can proudly present a highly-finished well presented pack of beers that represents value.” Mike Impson – Sales Director, Saxon Packaging.

Printed using a four-colour lithographic print process, the pack compliments Adnams’ eye-catching artwork where the famous ‘Ghost Ship’, in its silhouetted form, can easily be identified.

These beer fridge packs also have the added embellishment of matt film laminate to provide a more aesthetically pleasing look and to enrich user experience with its smoother texture and increased perceived value.

The packaging also proudly demonstrates its low-alcohol contents in its artwork, which appeals to the growing number of consumers that are opting for low-alcohol products over their higher ABV% equivalents.

Adnams Low Alcohol Drink Packaging 

With clear, easy-to-read text, customers are able to clearly differentiate between this product packaging and the standard Ghost Ship counterpart.

As the packaging is made from corrugated cardboard, it can easily be recycled. This reflects positively on Adnams’ branding and efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

It also bodes well with their increasingly, environmentally aware consumers. With the current drive towards the use of sustainable packaging, it is very rewarding for us (Saxon Packaging) to be able to demonstrate to drinks manufacturers that such visually engaging and high-quality packaging can be produced from much more environmentally friendly materials than what they have previously been accustomed to.

With an initial order of 10,000 units, we are thrilled to hear that Adnams are very happy with what we have produced for them and that customers have also been enjoying the products packaged inside them!

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