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boxes cases & cartons boxes cases & cartonsboxes cases & cartons

We all seem to call them different things, but most standard FEFCO recognised corrugated cardboard boxes, cases and cartons can be manufactured by Saxon Packaging to any required quantity and to a high quality.

Our packaging print finishes also enable us to transform standard packaging to help promote the brand and product. Customers can choose from a range of print processes including 3 colour standard flexo post print, high quality post print (HQPP) up to five colours with high gloss varnishes and up to five colours pre-print. All of these print processes can go a long way in transforming your customer’s, and your own, perception of a standard cardboard box. For more detail on print processes click here.

In addition to print we can add hand holes, punched vents and shelf ready perforations to give individuality to your packaging and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

Hot melt and PVA glue joins or wire stitched – choose or be guided on the appropriate closure method to suit the size of carton and application.

To discuss your cardboard packaging requirements further call us on 01502 513112.

boxes cases & cartons