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Sustainable Subscription Packaging for Whirli

Whirli, are a London based toy subscription company that allows parents to choose from a huge online selection of children’s toys and have them delivered straight to their door. They give children an opportunity to play with the toys before sending them back to Whirli and replacing them with a completely new selection; saving many parents from the common agonising scenario of “drowning in toy clutter or wasting money on neglected toys”.

Nigel Phan, founder of Whirli, first approached us (Saxon Packaging) back in December of last year. He originally wanted a vibrant and engaging subscription packaging solution that would provide adequate protection for the toys during transit, but equally, he wanted a packaging solution that was in line with their company values and ethos of being as environmentally aware and sustainable as possible.

Kelly, our customer service co-ordinator and our in-house design team, worked very closely with Nigel to replicate an existing flexo printed packaging solution (originally devised by Smurfit Kappa Beacon) for each of their differently (sized) product offerings, from extra small through to large.

Wanting to ensure that all their existing requirements were upheld concerning protection, print quality and sustainability, our design team conducted soak tests on the existing packaging to confirm that we were working with the same materials as before.

One of the challenges that we encountered, was that Whirli already had printed branded material, so it was imperative that the colours printed on the packaging matched as closely as possible to their current brand guidelines.

After reviewing various substrates and colour swatches and achieving a close match, realised that we would need a specialised ink to produce such bright colours onto Kraft substrate. To accomplish this, we sent the artwork directly to our ink manufacturers to specially produce ink that would be a precise match to Whirli’s artwork.


With an initial order of 2000 extra small & 1800 medium boxes, we are pleased to hear that Whirli are delighted with their packaging solution and that the subscription boxes are in use, currently being enjoyed by children all across the nation.

“At Whirli, we needed packaging that conveys our exciting branding and also our mission on sustainability. Saxon Packaging have been brilliant partners for us. They helped with our artwork meticulously even before an order had been commissioned and checked many different substrates, to ensure our brand colours printed vibrantly. The quality of the boxes meant our customers could use the same box to return toys to us, and we could then use it again to send new toys out – sharing packaging in the same way toys are shared in our subscription concept!” – Nigel Phan, Founder & Managing Director

If you are interested in finding out more about Whirli’s fantastic toy subscription service, you can visit their website here: https://whirli.com

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