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Our premier 100% VEGAN friendly packaging solution for Broadland Wineries

Over the years, we have produced a wide variety of wine packaging solutions for Broadland Wineries to support their ever-expanding product range. One of our most recent enquiries from Nicole Rickman, excited us a lot. She presented us with a very special requirement, to develop a bespoke wine packaging solution that was 100% Vegan friendly. We were certainly up for the challenge…

Meet the ‘Proudly Vegan’ (Merlot) shipper case. Designed to hold 6x75cl wine bottles and printed using a three-colour Flexographic printing process, this is a packaging design that we have a lot of experience in manufacturing. However, this packaging solution was the first 100% Vegan friendly packaging ever produced here at Saxon, and we are thrilled to have made this fantastic achievement!

The packaging artwork features bold typography and includes the trademarked Vegan Society logo, certifying that the contents inside have been given the seal of approval.


proudly vegan - merlot | Vegan friendly packaging | sustainable packaging | Saxon packaging | UK packaging manufacturer

So what is it that makes this wine packaging solution Vegan friendly?

It all boils down to the corrugated material, inks, and the glue used during assembly…

We have long promoted that all our corrugated material comes from sustainable, forestry chain of custody certified virgin papers. Corrugated boxes have one of the best recycling rates for any packaging material and only a small percentage end up in landfill.

Inks are traditionally formulated using four main components: pigments, binders, solvents and additives. The materials used in these products, are often not sourced from plant-based derivatives. So in order to achieve the 100% Vegan status with this packaging solution, Neil Gooch (planning & capacity manager) took the time to search for Vegan Ink and eventually found an ink manufacturer that specialised in certified plant-based inks. These inks produced the same colour quality as traditional inks and that was made entirely out of plant-based materials, creating for a far more sustainable solution for the environment and of course 100% Vegan Friendly.

Even the glue used to assemble the packaging, was made entirely from water-based, oil-derived adhesives without any animal based ingredients. Fulfilling the seal of approval, “100% Vegan right down to the ink & glue on the label” that can be seen towards the top of the artwork.

proudly vegan - merlot | Vegan friendly packaging | sustainable packaging | Saxon packaging | UK packaging manufacturer

With an initial order of 1000 units, these shipper cases have been very well received, and are ready to be filled and distributed. We are pleased to be working with Broadland Wineries on expanding their ‘Proudly Vegan’ packaging range.

“It’s always rewarding to be working on projects that are doing something to better the environment that we live in. We’ve had a great response from Broadland Wineries, and look forward to helping them continue with their push for more sustainable packaging.” Neil Gooch.

Broadland Wineries range of Proudly Vegan products are available to be purchased here:  https://www.proudlyveganwines.com/


To find out more or to discuss your own sustainable packaging requirements, contact us via saxon@smurfitkappa.co.uk or call us on 01502 513112.

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