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7 Add-Ons For Your Corrugated Packaging This Summer

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When it comes to summer packaging design, it is important for companies to know the options available to them in terms of print finishes so they can ensure their packaging stands out from competitors. As a result, we’ve put together this helpful guide which includes the top 7 add-ons available for litho packaging this summer.


 1. Thermochromic Ink

Summer brings with it heat, and what better than to include a thermochromic ink finish that reveals a part of your artwork when subject to higher temperatures? It would do really well on the side of a carry pack reminding the consumer that the drink is best consumed cool, for example.

thermochromic inkAbove: Thermochromic ink example provided by Celloglas


2. Fragrance Burst

People spend much more time outside enjoying the weather in the summer, bringing with it floral scents with flowers in full bloom. It’s also possible for your packaging to evoke the senses with a fragrance burst, or more commonly known as ‘scratch and sniff.’ A food or beverage product could consider containing a scent of one of their ingredients on the box to get the taste buds tingling.

fragrance burst

Above: Fragrance burst example provided by Celloglas.


 3. Foil Blocking

The past year or so has seen an increase in the fashion of metallic colours such as rose gold and bronze. Nothing spells out premium more than gold and silver features, which can look especially impressive glistening in the sun!

foil blocking

Above: Saxon’s Christmas gift boxes, including a glitter varnish nose, scented ‘fragrance burst’ pine trees and silver foil blocking on the snowflakes.


 4. Spot Gloss UV Varnish

Another way of featuring a shine in your product packaging without the dramatic effect that foil blocking can achieve is by using a spot gloss UV varnish. This provides stand-out features to your product’s artwork whilst also creating texture.

spot uv varnish

Above: Maldon Salt’s gift packaging including a spot gloss UV varnish. 


5. Lamination

Lamination provides extra strength and protection to your packaging along with adding a premium feel. Options include a luxurious gloss laminate, a smooth matt laminate and a sleek, silk lamination. All of which propel the packaging into a luxury market; perfect packaging for an al-fresco picnic in the park!

matt laminate finish

Above: Adnams 4 colour lithographic printed gin packaging with a matt laminate coating.


 6. Glow in the Dark

Although the days are longer during the summer, the surprise of finding a glow in the dark feature on packaging in the evening will be an appreciated aspect by the consumer. This add-on is particularly useful for products that can be used and consumed in the dark, such as at music festivals or in dark venues.

glow in the dark finishAbove: Glow in the dark ink example provided by Celloglas.


 7. Glitter Varnish

Last but not least it’s glitter varnish! Probably the most conspicuous finish it works well when highlighting bright and playful artwork on packaging. Glitter varnish particularly appeals to the younger market due to the dramatic and textured effect it has.

glitter print finish

Above: Glitter varnish example, provided by Celloglas


If you are looking for corrugated packaging that features any of these striking add-ons this summer, get in touch on 01502 513 112 or email the team at saxon@smurfitkappa.co.uk to discuss your options.

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