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corrugated cardboardcorrugated cardboardcorrugated cardboard

Corrugated board is available in many different material grades with varying paper weights and finishes. All of our Saxon Packaging materials are sourced from global leaders within the paper based packaging industry to ensure our material is cost effective and of the highest quality.

Standard finishes include KRAFT (brown) white and mottled/oyster, LT (recycled paper) and TEST (recycled inner liner). White papers can be coated to provide superior substrate for greater print quality.

Standard paper thickness start at 125gsm (grams per square metre) and increase to 150gsm, 200gsm and 300gsm. Different flute weights are also available and depend on the strength of material required.

Standard flute profiles that we work with are Micro, E, S, B, C, BC and EB. Each of these materials are mentioned in greater detail below:

‘Micro’ Flute

750 – 900 microns (0.75mm – 0.9mm) in thickness and is used for high quality printed cartons, can be directly litho printed and is typically used for high quality shelf ready packaging, excellent printing surface.


‘E’ Flute

1100 – 1200 microns (1.1mm – 1.2mm) in thickness and gives excellent crush resistance and compression strength. It provides a high quality surface to print upon and is most commonly used in smaller cartons and die-cuts applications.

‘S’ Flute

2300 microns (2.3mm) in thickness S flute is balanced perfectly for both retail and transit packaging. It sits between E and B Flutes to provide the performance characteristics of B Flute, whilst producing the outstanding printability and strong crush resistance of E Flute.

S Flute

‘B’ Flute

2700 – 2900 microns (2.7mm – 2.9mm) in thickness and probably the most common type of fluting. Seen in all types of applications including die-cut and regular cases it gives a good all-round performance.

B Flute

‘C’ Flute

3500 – 3700 microns (3.5mm – 3.7mm) in thickness it offers greater compression strength than ‘B’ flute thus giving slightly better stacking strength for lighter products. It can be prone to more crushing if used in the wrong application.

C Flute

‘EB’ Flute

3800 – 4100 microns (3.8mm – 4.1mm) in thickness this is a double wall material combining the fine ‘E’ flute and the commonly used ‘B’ flute. The results give an excellent performance level in both print finish and impact protection.

EB Flute

‘BC’ Flute

6200 – 6600 microns (6.2mm – 6.6mm) in thickness this is another double wall material that marries two flute profiles together – ‘B’ and ‘C’, both giving excellent all round performances this material is most often seen in shipping cases where a high protection level is required.

BC Flute

To discuss which material grade is best for your packaging requirement call us on 01502 513112.

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