Luxury Packaging in the Drinks Market

Packaging is changing. With the current increase in consumers seeking products that match their needs along with an ever expanding competitive market place, packaging is now often the first impression a brand can make on a potential consumer.

When we look at the luxury drinks market, more often than not the potential consumer has not tried the packaged drink before and relies on the product packaging to reflect the brand and the product value. Most drinks packaging have a product description, but it is the packaging that encourages the consumer to take that pack off the shelf over its competitors to read the description.

It is important for your pack to appeal to the consumer and create a sense of want and desire, as well as reflecting the core brand. Once they have selected the product you need your packaging to speak for you and leave the consumer with a positive impression which can be achieved by investing in well designed and quality manufactured luxury packaging.

Most drinks bottles are of a standard size therefore creative structural design can be a little tricky, but with access to a large range of printing options and print finishing there is still so much a brand can do to make their product stand out.

At Saxon Packaging we have seen an increase in the use of lithographic printed packaging to really give products a crisp and high quality photographic print finish. On many recent packaging projects customers have gone that one step further and have used a range of laminate finishes such as soft touch, matt and gloss – further embellishments can also be added using spot UV varnishes and block foiling.


With such a diverse range of print finishes to choose from there are many ways to bring that luxury feel to any packaged product whilst still conforming to the standard sizing and product protection structure required to ensure the drink remains at optimum condition.

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