Can Packaging for Fourpure Brewing Co.

Fourpure Brewing Co. (Fourpure) is a London based family brewery founded in 2013. Beer is their passion and their approach to exceptional brewing is all about attention to detail, not cutting corners and innovating yet staying true to the principles of brewing.

Since Fourpure began brewing they have worked with us (Saxon Packaging) to produce packaging solutions for their products; from their very first bottle box through to shipping boxes, can trays and many more. They were recommended to use us by a member of the London Brewers Alliance, who is an existing customer of ours.

In 2015 Fourpure contacted our Sales Director Mike Impson as they had a specific packaging requirement for their cans. They were after an easy to assemble packaging box that could continue to reflect their brand identity and design.

Fourpure’s visual design was created by Bath design agency Mr B & Friends and passed over to us so we could start looking into which material, paper grade, print solution and overall packaging design structure would be best suited.

With previous experience of cans generally being damp when placed into boxes, we recommended a kraft inner with a waste based fluting. We used uncoated inks on a white outer liner to ensure the printed colours would be a close match to the colours of the design file, and the other Fourpure items using the same visual design.

Due to the amount of ink involved in printing the Fourpure design, extra care had to be taken to avoid ink transfer between print units. To help reduce this, we used higher specification inks and an additional additive to speed up the ink drying time.

Close attention was paid throughout the printing process to ensure colour registration remained spot on and the correct printing pressures were applied. The slightest adjustment in pressure can have a drastic affect to the overall print colours and quality.

Although flexo printing is considered the most basic form of printing, it is shown that by using the correct materials, matched colours and clever designs, stunning results can be achieved. This is showcased by the end result on this project.

“We are very happy to have helped Fourpure again achieve a great design on their packaging, consistent with their brand overall look and feel, using the most economical print solution.” Mike Impson, Sales Director, Saxon Packaging Ltd.

“The cartons provide a great quality point of sale tool for retailers and have encouraged sales of full cases which has been great for us and the retailers. The brand impact has also helped raise our profile on-trade where staff can easily identify our stock in cellars making it an easy go-to for restocking.” Dan Lowe, Fourpure Brewing Co.

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