At Saxon Packaging our vision is to lead the way as an independent corrugated packaging manufacturer providing an overall quality driven packaging solution that other manufacturers aspire to. By building long term relationships that are both rewarding and beneficial to all involved, we are dedicated to a culture of uninterrupted development. Offering opportunities to all Saxon Packaging team members to expand their existing skills and undergo personal development, we believe in building a strong workforce throughout the company to create a great work ethic and contentment.


Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of corrugated products in a manner that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations and requirements. The way in which we achieve this allows us to remain profitable but also economical, enabling us to provide our customers with innovative and solid packaging solutions. Regular management reviews of our quality system, along with ISO9001 and ISO14001 adherence checks ensures the quality of our manufacturing and that suitable resources are available to implement, support, maintain and continually improve our systems.

Vision & Mission