Environmental & Recycling

At Saxon Packaging we aim to be environmentally friendly wherever possible, and inject as much recyclable waste into the recycling chain as we can. In 2001 we installed a waste extraction system which is linked to our main machines and collects off cuts and waste produced during the manufacturing process. This waste is then fed into our semi-automatic baler and fed back into the corrugated recycling chain.

On average we produce 672 tonnes of waste per annum in half tonne bales. That’s 1,344 bales per year created, collected and recycled.

Where does this waste go?

Typically the recycled waste from our manufacturing process will be re-used as a form of cardboard by cardboard manufacturers across the UK.

How does cardboard packaging compare to other packaging options?

Cardboard boxes offer greater opportunities than other packaging alternatives as the box materials come from sustainable sources and have an extremely high recycling rate. At Saxon Packaging we offer a variety of recycled materials to our customers to help them to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is the UK Corrugated Industry doing to tackle recyclability?

The UK Corrugated Industry have been running a continuous campaign for some time to highlight and raise awareness of the recyclability of cardboard boxes, they have done this by creating an internationally recognised logo which is to be placed on all manufactured recyclable boxes.

corrugated recycles

At Saxon Packaging we are proud to back this campaign and wherever possible we print the recognised ‘Corrugated Recycles’ logo in a visible position on every corrugated box we manufacture. By doing this we not only promote our own green credentials and environmental awareness but also our customers.

In addition to our waste extraction system, in 2014 we installed a Biomass Boiler using recycled wood pellets to replace our oil operated heating system. In 2015 we received the Bronze Award from Suffolk Carbon Charter for our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint and to be more environmentally aware, and we are continuously looking at ways in which we can improve and reduce emissions further.

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environmental & recycling